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Virtual Treasure Hunt
(Standard Edition)


Today's Prize 是日遊戲獎項

PolyU Design Degree Show 2020 Souvenir Pin (qty: 1)

PolyU Design Degree Show is coming with the fun-filled Treasure Hunt game! Visit our Immersive 3D Show, see our creative student projects, find the treasures and get the chance to win a prize!

The Virtual Treasure Hunt is now available until 25 October 2020. The quantity of prizes will be reset daily at 12:30PM HKT at our website. We announce every week for different prizes. Limited quantity, first come first served. Don’t take your time!



*** No pre-registration is required.
*** Each participant (e-Mail address) is eligible for joining one time per day only.
      Only 1 Prize can redeem even duplicated award.
*** 無需預先登記。
*** 每位參加者(電郵)只可每日參加一次。即使重複獲獎也最多只能獲得一份獎品。

Instruction/Terms and conditions 說明/條款細則:

  1. After clicking on “Game Start”, the 3D virtual PolyU Jockey Club Innovation Tower Galleries designed by Zaha Hadid will be displayed.
  2. You can use your mouse or drag from your touch screen device to control the view point; click on the "floating spot" to aid you in walking though the virtual gallery.
  3. You can use arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys to control the direction onwards.
  4. Each exhibit in the virtual gallery museum is tagged with Info Hotspots, you can click on them to show information about the exhibit.
  5. Some of these exhibit Info Hotspots contain “Bingo” links with different prizes.
  6. The game requires participants to find these “Bingo” links inside the Info Hotspots.
  7. The game has different kinds of prizes, and there different amounts of each prize.
  8. The game is based on a “First Come First Served” basis; the game ends when all prizes are collected.
  9. A “Bingo” page will be displayed when a participant finds a prize. The participant can click on the Confirm button to claim the prize, or give up by clicking on the Cancel button. The participant can continue to hunt for another kind of prize in the virtual gallery. One participant code will only be allowed to claim one prize.
  10. A prize is only confirmed when a participant has received a confirmation at their registered email address that includes a reference number for prize redemption and information.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Prizes are given on a first-come-first-served basis to those whose submitted form is received by the Organiser successfully.
  2. Each participant is eligible for joining one time per day only.
  3. The prizes are only available while stocks last and the Organiser reserves the right to terminate or change the offers at any time without notice.
  4. The Organiser takes no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from shipping, any use or enjoyment of the prize by any users in any way.
  5. Prizes are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or other goods or services.
  6. If winner(s) fails to provide valid contact email address, telephone number and correspondence address, it will be considered as giving up the prize.
  7. Winner(s) outside Hong Kong will bear all shipping costs of the prize.
  8. In the event of any disputes, the Organiser reserves the right of the final decision.

  1. 點擊「進入遊戲後」,一個虛擬立體互動,由著名建築師Zaha Hadid 設計的理大賽馬會創新樓設計廊,將呈現眼前。

  2. 您可以滑鼠或流動手機/流動裝置的觸控屏幕,來操控當中的視角; 點擊當中的「跳躍點」來協助遊走整個場景。

  3. 您亦可使用鍵盤的方向鍵(或W、A、S、D鍵),控制前進方向。
  4. 虛擬場館內,展出的每個展品上,均有一個「資訊熱點」,您可點擊展開,以取得有關「展品說明」,了解作品背後的資訊。
  5. 而眾多「展品說明」中,將收藏有若干個,不同獎項的「中獎」的連結。

  6. 遊戲目的,就是要求參加者,能把這些「中獎」的連結找出來。
  7. 遊戲設有多個奬項,而每個奬項的獎品數量均有不同。
  8. 中獎與否,以先到先得為原則。而點擊「中獎」的連結後,系統將實時根據獎品存量,判別參加者是否成功獲獎。
  9. 在判別為成功獲獎後,將有確認訊息及「參考碼」顯示,並有一確認鍵,予以確認領取。參加者可自行取捨,是否領取該項目獎品,也可選擇放棄,繼續於場景中嘗試尋找其他的「中獎」連結。而每一位參加代碼參加者,最多只能獲取一項獎品。
  10. 點擊「確認」後,將有確認電郵通知,確認最終獲獎狀態及領取詳情。


  1. 本活動獎品以先到先得原則發放,並以成功遞交本表格、主辦方成功收到為準。

  2. 每位參加者只可每日參加一次。

  3. 活動獎品數量有限,送完即止。如未能提供獎品,主辦方保留以其他禮品代替品之權利而毋須另行通知。
  4. 對於獎品的維修或運送、使用所引致的任何損失或損害, 主辦方概不負責。

  5. 獎品不可更換, 兌換現金或交換成其他產品或服務。
  6. 如參加者未能提供有效及正確的聯絡電郵、電話及郵寄地址,將會被視作自動取消參加並放棄獎品。

  7. 非本地參加者須支付獎品之所有運費。

  8. 在任何情況下,主辦方擁有最終決定權。


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