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Kate Sangwon Lee
Designing Interventions to Induce Socially Responsible Behavior in Social Media

As social media has played an important role during recent societal events such as political campaigns and movements such as Black Lives Matter, it becomes necessary that social media provides a safe and responsible environment. This research aims to propose design interventions that can induce users’ socially responsible behaviour in social media/ By adopting approaches of design for behaviour change, this study focuses on three areas: (1) protecting privacy, (2) raising awareness, and (3) controlling abuse. Specifically, this research has three research questions: (1) what are the key principles and interventions to induce socially responsible behaviour? (2) what are user’s needs and implications around those key interventions? (3) how effective is each of those interventions? To investigate the answers, three studies have been conducted. The first study was service research and expert review. The second study consists of iterative series of participatory design workshops. For the last study, user diary and quantitative analysis will be conducted. The outcome of this study will be sets or prototyping and guidelines around the three areas.

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