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Jee Yoohyun Lee
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Small Stories as Determinant for Ccommunity Design

I am interested in how community-specific narratives ad art practices whose aim is to serve communities can be better aligned for bottom-up community organisation. In order to understand the social mechanism of narratives and art practices specific to communities, the idea of “small stores” becomes crucial. Small stories are small talks happening in fleeting moments, which are nor freestanding, nor can be seen asa self-contained unit of narrative. However, they are heavily relevant to the immediate surroundings. It is in these particular characteristics and frames of all stories that I search ways for narratives and art practices to facilitate more effective and authentic social impact, and ultimately re-structuring of communities. As the unforeseen pandemic disturbs the livelihood and forces us to change our boundaries, the idea of community is reassessed. What sort of community do we want to live in? how can the new ways of organising community be practiced?

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